University access

Starting in the 2023-2024 academic year, our students will be completing the IB Diploma Program during their last two years at BSN. This program is recognized in Spain and in almost every country, and it allows our students to enter public and private universities, both nationally and internationally.

Study abroad

Every year, thousands of IB Diploma graduates request their admission to universities all over the world. You can read more about this process on their official website.

Admissions requirements and procedures may be different in every country and/or university. Our teachers and staff will help each student assess their options and prepare for personal interviews. They will also write recommendation letters when required.


The exams our students take to obtain their IB Diploma are graded externally. Even though they are also assessed by their BSN teachers, the majority of their grades are given externally. This guarantees the quality and objectivity of the program.

IB students are not required to take part in the EVAU/EBAU exams. The need to take the exam will depend on the university and degree they would like to study, and their final IB grades. You can read more about university access with the IB here.