Science Week 2023 - TBSON

Learning through experiments

Ever year we celebrate Science Week at school. During those days, school parents and friends come to give special talks to our students, we make exciting experiments and older and younger pupils get to learn together.

For example, Mr. Soares, one of our Secondary Science teachers, prepared a circuit of experiments for Primary students to explore. Year 5 students had a clear favorite one: static electricity and shocks!

Do you want to know how it works? Charge is built up in the Van de Graaff generator by turning the wheel at the bottom and then the charge is transferred to the kids hands when they place them near the metal ball, giving them a small electric shock. What a fun way to learn!

Another all-time favorite is the BSN planetarium

Of course, the early years classes also had lot of experiments.

However, this year the most exciting experience was making ice cream in class and eating it later!

By Comments off 31 March, 2023