School magazine

Students publish a quarterly issue of the school magazine. With the support and coordination of Mr. Docherty — Literature teacher — our students write reports, interviews and stories in English. The magazine gives our young writers the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in class. Although the publication focuses on the day-to-day of the school, it is also a place where students can share with parents, staff and students other topics they are researching about. Pupils often look for stories in Pamplona and its surroundings or interview famous people from our community.

«Somewhere in a book there is a sentence waiting for us to give meaning to existence»

Miguel de Cervantes

The publication is called “1616” and is a nod to the mix of Spanish and British cultures present at the school. 1616 is the year in which both Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, the greatest representatives of Spanish and English literature, died. All copies are available on the website created by the students. Here we leave the most recent ones.

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June 2021