Year 13 Graduation 2021 - TBSON

The British School of Navarra celebrates its first graduation of students

On the 11th June 2021 we celebrated the first graduation of students from The British School of Navarra, in a traditional English style ceremony, complete with cap and gown. Iain Ruck, Head of Secondary, and Julia Plant, Headmistress, David Villafañe gave the speeches and Alisa Garciuc, Year 12, performed the music. “We hope that, as a school, you will always appreciate the values and skills that a British education has given you," said Julia Plant, Headteacher. An education that focuses all its efforts on striking the perfect balance between teaching academic content and developing complementary skills. “You have developed fundamental skills that will equip you well for your future working life; skills in problem solving, analysis, evaluation and application of knowledge, not just understanding. You have learned to be flexible and creative," she added.

The principal encouraged the graduating students to be prepared to lead and take responsibility, to be confident in their own abilities and to take their own place in the world. In this context, she quoted Nelson Mandela: “It is in your hands to make the world a better place", and concluded by saying: “Today, we as a school are proud of all that you have achieved and wish you every happiness for the future, wherever it takes you.

Congratulations to our students of the class of 2021: Xabier Villanueva, Iván Herrero, Teresa Sánchez-Casas, Ilargi Campos, Ángel Luis Soria, Gaizka Arotzarena and David Villafañe! The latter spoke in perfect English on behalf of all his classmates, expressing his gratitude to the school and the teachers for the years in which they had made them feel “part of a great team". “Thank you not only for teaching us, but for influencing our interest in the subjects. Thank you for encouraging us all to do our best and for the extra time you put in to make sure we understood things clearly enough," added the recent graduate. All of them will be joining both Spanish and international universities next year.