The Three Wise Men Parade 2023 - TBSON

The Candy Land float

Our school took part in the Three Wise Men Parade in Valle de Egüés making the “Candy Land” float. Students and families prepared the decorations and costumes during the Christmas holidays: they blew up balloons, cut out letters, and wrapped lots of candies.

On January 5th at 5p.m. we left the school to parade the streets of Sarriguren. Our children handed out balls, caps and, of course, lots of candy! Their parents wore accessories such as hats and bow ties, but above all they carried out the important task of accompanying the float to guarantee everyone’s safety.

BSN students wanted to “honor” a very special item in the school library: the book “The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss. The striped hat they wore, and the red bow tie, are part of the protagonist’s outfit.

We want to thank la Asociación de Amigos de los Reyes Magos del Valle de Egüés for their invitation to participate in the event. We hope to show our float again next year!

By Comments off 12 January, 2023