Physical Education

An activity for each child

From the beginning

In The British School of Navarra, we consider Physical Education as an essential part of learning. All our students receive their classes with specialized teachers and activities are adapted to their age and development. The youngest students, those in Early Years, go to the indoor gym with their teachers and assistants. Through games and circuits, they work not only in their coordination, balance or rhythm, but also in personal skills like team working.

Equipment and facilities

Our school has an artificial grass football pitch, a covered multisport area and an indoors gym. Apart from basketball posts and goals, we have mini-tennis nets, athletics fences, a high jump mat, ping-pong tables, field hockey sticks and rugby, basketball, football, and volleyball equipment among other material.

Discovering new possibilities

We believe all children can enjoy physical activity. Popular sports like football or basketball are part of the curriculum, but we encourage students to discover other less known sports.
PE teachers plan sports and activities depending on the educational stage and grade of students. Usually, every four weeks children switch to a new discipline to learn more about it.


Our school is in Gorraiz, a town which is part of Valle de Egüés, a valley including several municipalities. The valley’s sports facilities are located 800m from the school. Thanks to this closeness —a ten-minute walk— our students can attend swimming lessons there as part of their PE curriculum. Children are always accompanied by BSN teachers.