University Access with the International Baccalaureate

 Accessing the best academic centres in the world

Studying in national and international universities, both public and private ones

What universities recognize  the IB Diploma?

The International Baccalaureate Diploma is recognized both in Spain and abroad. IB students can enroll in public and private Spanish universities. In addition, being a recognized program in almost all countries, they can apply for admission to most foreign universities.

With the IB Diploma, is it necessary to take the EVAU/EBAU exam if one intends to study in Spain?

When someone wants to study a university degree in Spain, it is important that they know the differences between private and public universities.

Each private centre has its own admission criteria and requirements. For example, at the University of Navarra, the IB Diploma allows students to access without doing the EVAU/EBAU national exam, but each faculty can have its own additional requirements like a personal interview with candidates.

Admission to public universities depends on the “admission grade" of each student, and the EVAU/EBAU makes up part of the admission grade. IB students do not need to take the compulsory part of the EVAU/EBAU. If an IB student wants to improve their grade so it is higher than a 10 —to study a degree with a high cut-off grade, like Medicine— they have three options:

1) They can take the exams from the Spanish Curriculum subjects

2) They can request to have their IB courses recognized without taking the exams

3) They can take the exams and request the recognition of their IB courses.

If they choose the third option, the grade taken into account will be the one that most benefits the student.