Arts & Music

Arts & Music

A well-rounded education is complete when an appreciation for the fine arts and music may be developed.

At The British School of Navarra we want our students to be able to invest the time these disciplines deserve. Enriching activities such as theater, music, and painting are fully integrated into the school day. Our educational community works to encourage and develop the children’s natural skills, talent and creativity in these disciplines.


Visual Arts is taught across the school from Early Years through to Year 13. In Early Years and Primary our class teachers deliver art lessons designed to develop creativity and visual expression using a variety of media and techniques in art and craftwork. An awareness of colour, shape, balance, focus and proportion are developed alongside the use of symbols to convey ideas and feelings. Students also learn about the techniques and ideas of a wide range of artists, craftspeople and designers.

Art remains a key subject in secondary school through years 7, 8 and 9 and is taught by a specialist art teacher. From Year 10, students may choose Art and Design as an examination subject for GCSE and A level. In secondary school students further develop their ability to express ideas in a visual way; experimenting with materials techniques and processes to record their ideas and observations in a personal and meaningful way. Students also develop their understanding of visual language, art history and criticism.

Visits to galleries, museums and artists workshops are also important parts of learning in art and design.

Student’s work is displayed throughout the school and in a variety of school publications. Please see our online gallery.


From nursery to Year 9, lessons are designed to be entertaining and challenging. Our students learn music theory and are introduced to different instruments: ocarina, violin, guitar and piano. TBSON owns the instruments and provides pupils with all necessary material. Students can also join the school choir.


Short drama activities are built into our language classes, allowing all students to explore texts in a more physical way and developing their confidence. In addition, students in secondary school have the option of taking a drama elective where they can spend dedicated time developing a wide range of performance skills, including voice, movement, improvisation and ensemble work. There are regular productions for the whole school.